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20 Best Farmers Markets in Baltimore, Maryland (+Schedules, Locations & Vendors)

20 Best Farmers Markets in Baltimore, Maryland (+Schedules, Locations & Vendors)

Baltimore is a cultural hub, and Baltimore’s farmers markets are a vibrant piece of the city’s local food and nutrition scene. From the historic Lexington Market to the popular Sunday market under the JFX, residents and visitors alike can enjoy fresh and locally sourced produce, meats, and baked goods.

It’s a delicious way to experience the city’s culture and community. With a variety of markets throughout the city, the markets are also a great way to support local farmers and small businesses while experiencing the vibrant community of Baltimore.

Let’s explore the 20 amazing Baltimore farmers markets for your next culinary outing.

Our Favorite Baltimore Farmers Markets

Daily Markets

1. Richardson Farms, White Marsh

Where: 5900 Ebenezer Road, White Marsh

When: Year-round, Daily, 8 am to 6 pm

Why Visit:

The Richardson Farms is a one-stop destination for all your pantry stocking needs. From non-frozen poultry, fresh produce, and kitchen essentials like spices, sauces and butter, it’s the place to collect your weekly bounty.

An indoor market, it’s the heirloom of a family-owned business in Maryland that has grown rapidly since the 1930s. The market is famous for hot and prepared foods. People visit this everyday farmers market for value-packed meals; they have a delicious selection of barbeque foods.

The chicken soup, crab cake meal and piping hot pies are a crowd favorite. Be on the lookout for their special meal tickets on occasions and festivals like Christmas, easter and so on if you want a good deal for a fresh hot breakfast or lunch. The farmers market offers organic beef, chicken, turkey and much more, a paradise for the chefs and cooks.

2. Lexington Market

Lexington Market
Dreamstime/Lei Xu

Where: 112 N Eutaw St, Baltimore

When: Year-round, Monday – Saturday: 6 am to 8 pm, Sunday: 10 am to 4 pm

Why Visit:

Lexington Market is the longest-running market in the US, over 230 years old. Visit the market for its rich history and cultural influence. With close to 60 vendors at the moment, the swanky new market is indoors and is recently renovated.

A diverse group of food and service vendors is at the market, offering something for everyone. It’s a cultural hub, a great place to rejuvenate and experience local art and food. The market boasts an easily accessible and central location from various parts of the city.

There are some old iconic vendors for seafood and baked treats, as well as new vendors being added to the updated list. Check out the market to explore history while stocking your kitchen essentials.

3. Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market

Where: Annapolis Harbour Center, 2472 Solomons Island Rd, Annapolis

When: Year-round, Thursday-Friday: 8:30 am to 6 pm, Saturday: 8 am to 3 pm

Why Visit:

Famously called the Amish Market, the Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market brings you a piece of Lancaster, the PA Dutch country, right here in Maryland. The market is set in supermarket style over an expansive area. You can find all kitchen essentials you can think of under one roof, the best part being it is all locally sourced from various MD farmers, vendors and homegrown businesses.

The farmers market is hit amongst the crowd for its prepared foods section; there is a line at the counter at any time of the day. Other crowd favorites are the breakfast logs, cheese logs and chicken logs!

Meats (fresh and cooked), fresh produce, seasonal fruit, jams, pie fillings, turkey stuffings and much more are sold at various market sections. It is a delight for people who want to eat their heart out and gorge on delicious dishes here or take away for your home.

4. The Market at Belvedere Square

Where: 529 E. Belvedere Ave., Baltimore

When: Year-round, Monday – Saturday: 8 am to 8 pm, Sunday: 8 am to 5 pm

Why Visit:

Located conveniently at the intersection of many Baltimore neighborhoods like downtown Baltimore and Towson, Belvedere Square lies in the city’s heart. This is not your conventional farmers market; it’s a more contemporary setup with local food vendors and feels more like a food hall. 

With a beautiful plaza outside, the market at Belvedere Square offers something for everyone. It’s the place to be if you’re on a date, want a day out with your kids, or just want to venture out for a casual meal with your family.

Some popular joints are Neopol Savoury Smokery, Ejji- for the yummiest ramen, Pizza Trust, Pure Chocolate and many more! There is a bar serving beer, wine and cocktails. Ample free parking is available around the site.

5. Park Heights Community Farmers Market

Where: 5201 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore

When: Year-round, Monday – Friday: 8 am to 9 pm, Saturday: 6 am to 9 pm, Sunday: 6 am – 11 pm

Why Visit:

Located in the heart of Baltimore’s Park Heights neighborhood, the market is committed to providing affordable and accessible healthy food options for everyone. It’s a small market with farm-focused vendors providing the freshest produce to the locality. Located on a parking lot, visit the market for locally-grown produce and develop community connection.

Each week, the market features a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as locally-produced goods like honey, eggs, and baked goods. Beyond offering fresh produce, the market is a space for community members to connect and engage with one another.

From cooking demonstrations and workshops to live music and family-friendly activities, there’s always something happening at the Park Heights Community Farmers Market.

Tuesday Markets

6. Pikesville Farmers Market

Where: 1700 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville

When: May – November, 2 pm to 6 pm

Why Visit:

This seasonal market opens on Tuesdays and is over two decades old. Rest assured, you will get the taste of homegrown produce and the best of nutritional goodness at this weekday farmers market near Baltimore.

The market is located in the front parking lot of the Pomona Square shopping center. Feast on crabcakes and soups, pit beef sandwiches, fish, wraps, potato salads and much more at this small but interesting marketplace.

Local vendors offer Maryland-made wine, locally sourced bourbon, whiskey, rum, and seasonal spirits, which are available for tasting too. Additionally, there are a bunch of wellness and skincare products, all homemade and organic. With close to 15-20 vendors, the market is a lovely spot for a weekday respite and to spend a pleasant evening with your loved ones.

Wednesday Markets

7. Govans Farmers Market

Where: 5104 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212

When: June – September, 3 pm to 6 pm

Why Visit:

The Govans Farmers Market is a Wednesday farmers market in Baltimore. It’s a small-scale market and primarily produce-based. The north Baltimore area lies in a food desert with a significant lack of grocery stores.

This farmers market supports the community and promotes healthy and clean eating habits. You can buy quality fresh produce and seasonal fruits. Besides that, there are also some crowd favorites, like Motzi Bread, Matriarch Coffee and Oxbow Farm. They run programs to access fresh produce for the community when the market is not live. 

The market even organizes events and festivals for the community, like food drives, back-to-school fests, national farmers’ market week and much more. Volunteering opportunities are available, especially for the youth, so do try them.

8. Catonsville Farmers Market

Where: The Christian Temple, 5820 Edmondson Ave, Catonsville

When: Year-round, December – April: 10 am to 12 pm, May – November: 9 am to 12 pm

Why Visit:

The Catonsville Farmers Market operates every Wednesday in the summer and alternate Wednesdays in winter. It’s a small market with limited vendors, offering mainly produce-based foods. Fresh leafy greens and seasonal veggies are being sold by many vendors. There are other vendors selling eggs, local meats, bread, honey, and mushrooms.

Besides that, a lot of vendors sell homemade wellness products like soaps, body oils, therapeutic lotions and so on. Live music can be enjoyed owing to local artists’ performances. This is the market for you if you’re looking to stock up on your weekly veggies and for some mid-week respite in a small cozy market.

9. Harbor Market

Where: 101 E Pratt St, Baltimore

When: August – March, 11 am to 3 pm

Why Visit:

Located right in the heart of the downtown Harborplace Pavilions, the Harbor Market opens on Wednesdays and Fridays. It is a cozy picnic spot on a sunny afternoon in the plaza of General Sam Smith Park. It’s a perfect little weekday market in Baltimore and a great place to make the best of your lunch hour, as this is primarily a food-based market.

Grab yourself a sandwich, a delicious Mexican bowl, fresh green salad, seafood, pasta, and a slice of your favorite pizza and pair it with freshly brewed coffee or tea. Finish your meal with some delectable doughnuts and even some vegan sweet treats.

Outdoor seating with games like Corn Hole, Kan Jam and Giant Chess is set up to make it an engaging experience. There are booths and food trucks, and the lineup keeps changing, so stay updated via their FB page.

Thursday Markets

10. B&O Farmers Market

Where: 901 W. Pratt St., Baltimore

When: May – September, 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Why Visit:

Open every Thursday, the B&O Farmers Market is a weekday farmers market in Baltimore, a good option for the working population owing to their favorable evening timing.

It is located in the parking lot of the B&O Railroad Museum; locals visit the market for evening drinks, fantastic dining options and local desserts. The jazzy atmosphere, outdoor seating, and live music add to the fun environment in the evening.

Visit the B&O Farmers Market to contribute to a community-centered shopping experience and support small businesses. The market features a fantastic line-up of food trucks and local vendors offering fresh produce, eggs, meat, dairy products and grab-and-go foods. There are booths selling artwork and décor too. On-site parking is available free of cost.

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11. Towson Farmers Market

Where: Allegheny Ave, Towson

When: June – November, 10:30 am to 2:30 pm

Why Visit:

Towson Farmers Market is a mid-week farmers market near Baltimore. Open on Thursdays, the market is medium-scale, with approximately 35 vendors. You can come here for your weekly bounty of fresh watermelons, nectarines, strawberries, peaches and other juicy, succulent summer and fall fruits.

If you want to venture out of the city and explore markets near Baltimore, Towson is a lucrative option. It’s a fun-filled atmosphere where you can enjoy live music and hot prepared food like tacos, crepes and doughnuts.

It’s a great market for shopping enthusiasts, frequent farmers market visitors, gardeners and children. One can find fresh flowers, ready-to-plant pots, fashion accessories, clothes, thrift shops, and of course, specialty fresh farm produce.

Saturday Markets

12. 32nd Street Farmers Market

Where: E 32nd Street and Barclay, Baltimore

When: Year-round, 7 am to 12 pm

Why Visit:

32nd Street Farmers Market was founded in 1980 and has been serving the Baltimore community ever since. Open on Saturdays, it’s a homely and dynamic market with a wide range of products available. This gem is located in the heart of Charles Village and has close to 70 vendors.

There are farmers from all over Maryland providing the freshest produce. The variety is truly astounding, much to the shoppers’ delight. The market is also famous for its fresh bakes, coffee, pickles, sauces, and organic meat. There are many vegan and gluten-free options on offer too.

Some vendors have been here since the beginning, so you can cherish the local experience. Parking is available but limited. Do note that the market is not pet-friendly.

13. Fell’s Point Farmers Market

Where: 801 S Broadway, Thames St, Baltimore

When: January – April, 9 am to 12:30 pm, May – December, 7 am to 12 pm

Why Visit:

The Fell’s Point Farmers Market boasts of a scenic location, time to rejuvenate with a terrific waterfront shopping experience. This decade-old Saturday farmers market is located in the historic market location from the 1700s. About 60-70 vendors offer a great variety of raw and prepared foods.

The cute little farmers market provides a great opportunity to support Maryland farmers, artisans, musicians, and small-business owners. The market is surrounded by several cafes and restaurants, which tend to buy from the farmers’ market. So, take this opportunity to support the local community and have a great Saturday morning.

14. Baltimore Museum of Industry Farmers Market

Where: 1415 Key Highway, Baltimore

When: May – November, 9 am to 1 pm

Why Visit:

Here’s a fun option for a Saturday farmers market in Baltimore. With close to 30 local vendors, a large variety of items are on offer. Oven-fresh bread, ready-to-eat treats, and fresh local farm produce are reasons enough to kickstart your weekend here.

You will find some exciting booths for DIY enthusiasts, with items like buttons, dyed yarn, beeswax, craft knick-knacks and so on. There are fresh flowers, hand-poured candles, wellness products and home décor galore. It’s a small market serving people of varied gender and age groups.

It’s a kid-friendly market with many children’s activities and giveaways organized. You can also enjoy live demos by cooks and some revel in live entertainment at the market.

15. Market at Montebello

Where: 2040 E 32nd St, Baltimore County

When: Monthly, May – September, 9 am to 2 pm

Why Visit:

This seasonal market opens on the 4th Saturday of each month for 5 months. Located on the parking lot behind Montebello Elementary School, the farmers market is perhaps in the most scenic locations on this list. Over 30 vendors set up the facing waterfront of Lake Montebello, with a surrounding beautiful lush landscape.

The market was started to instill a sense of community in this region of Baltimore and provide a space to bond and mingle. You can look forward to open-air yoga classes and live cooking demos in the market. The market promotes healthy and green living practices. There is a composting initiative for the community, and people in the neighborhood are encouraged to participate in the same.

Moreover, there is live music, children’s activities, plantation drives and many interesting food and produce vendors that make this market worth visiting.

16. North Point Plaza Flea Market

Where: 2401 N Point Blvd, Dundalk

When: Year-round, Saturday – Sunday: 7 am to 3 pm

Why Visit:

The North Point Plaza Flea Market is precisely what the name suggests; it’s not a farmers’ market but a flea market in the truest sense. It’s also one of the largest indoor and outdoor flea markets in Maryland. You can come here to make the most of the local shopping experience here in Baltimore.

Think antiques, garage sale bargains, home décor, shoes, clothes, toys and Knick-knacks for home and kitchen. You can find pretty much everything you can think of under the sun. There is indoor and outdoor seating to enjoy the market and have some delicious local food. The Amish market is particularly popular for its fresh, delicious food. There is plenty of parking available.

17. Overlea Farmers Market

Where: 6908 Belair Rd, Baltimore

When: June – October 2nd Saturdays 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Why Visit:

The Overlea Farmers Market calls itself “a local grower, baker, maker and art-oriented market”. Looking for some fresh, locally sourced goodies? Then come on down to the Overlea Farmers Market in Maryland, located in the parking lot of the Natural History Society of Maryland.

This Saturday farmers market in Baltimore is the perfect spot to find all your favorite fruits and veggies straight from the farmers who grew them. Plus, there are plenty of other goodies, like artisanal bread, homemade jams and jellies, and even fresh flowers to brighten up your day.

There are several community engagement programs, too – a great lineup of events and activities, from live music and food trucks to cooking demos. There is also a kids’ activities table for your little ones! So, bring the whole family, grab a bite to eat, and settle in for some good times.

18. Patapsco Flea Market

Where: 1400 W. Patapsco Avenue, Baltimore

When: Year-round, Saturdays, 9 am to 5 pm

Why Visit:

The Patapsco Flea Market is almost 3 decades old, with indoor and outdoor market space. It’s the perfect spot to spend a lazy weekend afternoon browsing through all sorts of stuff you didn’t even know you needed. It’s a goldmine of wacky treasures and quirky finds. Not a farmers market per se, visiting Patapsco is an excellent opportunity to explore local vendors.

What sets Patapsco apart is the sheer variety of items on offer. You can find everything from vintage clothing to handmade crafts, rare vinyl records to antique furniture, and tech items to games and toys. And if you’re lucky, you might stumble upon some truly bizarre and unexpected items that will leave you scratching your head.

Moreover, you can find good options for fresh produce and prepared foods. The market has an international food court to enjoy a good meal here.

Sunday Markets

19. Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar

Where: JFX I-83 at 400 E. Saratoga Street, Baltimore

When: April – December, 7 am to 12 pm

Why Visit:

The Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar is a Sunday farmers market and one of the largest produce-only markets in Maryland, with an overall strength of 100 vendors. The booths vary from fresh produce, seasonal vegetables and fruits, and herbs. Also, a great place for farm-raised poultry, organic dairy products, baked goods and sweets. People flock in for fresh flowers, great coffee and local spirits and wines.

There are kid’s activities, artisanal products, crafts and décor items, and much more to engage all age groups. In the summers, the markets extend till 3 pm once a month, and you can join in for an afternoon of food, drinks and live entertainment. It’s the place to experience Maryland’s authentic spirit. Please note that the market strictly prohibits pets. Carry cash, as some vendors don’t accept the card.

20. Cross Street Farmers Market

Where: 1065 S Charles St., Baltimore

When: June – October, 10 am to 2 pm

Why Visit:

The Cross Street Farmers Market is a cozy little Sunday farmers market in Baltimore. It occurs right outside the permanent Cross Street Market, a historically and culturally relevant place for the South Baltimore community.

There are a ton of exciting farm and produce vendors. You can also grab delicious brownies, cupcakes, fresh juices, and beer at the market, a big hit among the crowds. You can find microgreens, pickles and other healthy and gut-friendly foods to choose from. There is a DJ for live entertainment, and kids can enjoy petting animals like goats at the market.

Keep an eye out for seasonal/occasional attractions like pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween decorations, Father’s Day presents and so on. Parking is plentiful, covered and street. Pets are not allowed on the market premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest farmers market in Baltimore?

Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar and 32nd Street Farmers Market are two of the largest farmers markets in Baltimore.

What are the good Baltimore farmers market Saturdays?

The market at Montebello is a good option for a Saturday farmers market visit, with a beautiful location worthy of a picnic spot.

What are the good Baltimore farmers market Sundays?

Lexington Market is a lovely Sunday farmers market. It is famous for showcasing the historically rich culture and art scene.

What are Baltimore Farmers Markets famous for?

They’re known for their locally sourced produce, meats, dairy, and baked goods that’ll have you drooling. The art scene is rich and worth exploring.

Rounding Up

Make the most of the Farmers Markets in Baltimore, and bring a friend or family member along for the ride! Try new foods, chat with the vendors, connect with the community and take in the sights and sounds of the markets. Don’t forget to bring reusable bags and a good attitude – the possibilities are endless!

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