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18 Best Farmers Markets in Vermont (Includes Times, Dates, & Locations)

18 Best Farmers Markets in Vermont (Includes Times, Dates, & Locations)

Vermont farmers’ markets truly reflect the diversity of the region. The state is renowned for its fresh produce, artisanal cheese, and other farm-to-table delicacies.

These community hubs play a vital role in bringing together farmers, artisans, and food lovers from all over the region.

One of the unique features of Vermont farmers markets is their commitment to sustainability. Many vendors use organic farming techniques to grow their produce without artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

Farmers markets in Vermont usually operate on Saturdays and Sundays, but there are a few that work during the week as well.

By the way, the majority of markets operate year-round – practically, each one has a second ‘winter’ location that allows you to enjoy seasonal produce, specialty foods, and handmade crafts even during the cold months.

Let’s begin to explore the best farmers’ markets in Vermont.

Our Favorite Vermont Farmers Markets

1. Burlington Farmers Market – Burlington

Burlington Farmers Market
Burlington Farmers Market

Where: 345 Pine St, Burlington

When: May-Oct, Saturday – 9 AM-2 PM

Why Visit:

Burlington Farmers Market needs no introduction as one of the most famous farmers markets in Vermont, held every Saturday from late spring through autumn for over four decades already.

In order to become a vendor at the market, farmers and artisans must meet very strict standards. For example, they may sell only what they have produced and must reside in Vermont year-round.

Over 90 vendors sell their produce at the market during peak season. There are also plenty of prepared food options, so you can visit the market to have a lovely breakfast or lunch.

By the way, if you decide to come to the farmers market on a bike, you can take advantage of the free valet bike parking that is always staffed by a coordinator and volunteers who park and watch your two-wheeled friend while you shop.

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2. Capital City Farmers Market – Montpelier

Where: 133 State St, Montpelier

When: May-Oct, Saturday – 9 AM-1 PM

Why Visit:

The Capital City Farmers Market was established as an unincorporated agricultural cooperative way back in 1977.

Today, it features nearly 60 vendors each week who sell their fresh produce, meat, cheeses, pasta, honey, mushrooms, baked goods, prepared foods, botanicals, pottery, and so much more.

If you’d like to enjoy your shopping experience while listening to live music, then make sure to visit the place between 10 AM and 12:30 PM. That’s exactly when talented musicians will be performing.

The market also occurs during the winter season (from December through April) at the Caledonia Spirits Distillery. It usually operates from 10 AM until 1 PM, two Saturdays monthly. 

3. Norwich Farmers Market – Norwich

Where: 281 Route 5 South, Norwich

When: May-Oct, Saturday – 9 AM-1 PM

Why Visit:

Technically, Norwich Farmers Market is a year-round market held outdoors during the summer-fall season and indoors as the temperatures drop. During the high season, the market takes place rain or shine, so don’t forget to dress appropriately.

Over 50 vendors set up their tents every week to offer a wide range of agricultural and farm products, prepared foods, and handmade arts and crafts.

Many farmers and producers also create specialty food products, starting from wine and cider and ending with delicious jams and jellies.

The chances are high that your mouth will start watering as you explore the market and take in all the sights and smells.

Thankfully, plenty of stands offer snacks and whole meals that you can take advantage of. The treats range from savory to sweet, so everyone would be able to find something to their liking.

4. Stowe Farmers Market – Stowe

Where: 2043 Mountain Rd, Stowe

When: May-Oct, Sunday – 10:30 AM-3 PM

Why Visit:

This lovely Sunday farmers market in Vermont features around 70 weekly vendors offering a fantastic assortment of practically anything you can think of.

Fresh vegetables, berries, meat, cheese, milk, maple syrup, baked goods, pickles, mushrooms, flowers, spirits, and herbal products – these are only a few examples of what you’ll be able to find at Stowe Farmers Market.

You’ll also get to discover the works of plenty of crafters and grab something to eat from one of the prepared food vendors.

The location is stunning, by the way. The market is the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon with your family while listening to live music and enjoying an organic popsicle. In fact, you can even have an improvised picnic on the lovely green grass.

5. Dorset Farmers Market – Dorset

Where: 2732 VT-30, Dorset

When: May-Oct, Sunday – 10 AM-2 PM

Why Visit:

The Dorset Farmers Market is a year-round event that takes place every Sunday. If you decide to come during winter, remember that the market is held at a different location (JK Adams, 1430 VT-30).

This is a producers-only market which means that the person you see behind the stand is the one who grows or creates the products being sold (which is the perfect opportunity for you to ask all the questions you might have).

If you’re not in the mood for exploring, you can pre-order the products you’re interested in and quickly pick them up during market hours. However, the chances are high that you might actually decide to stay and enjoy the magical atmosphere and the live music.

6. Brattleboro Farmers Market – Brattleboro

Where: 570 Western Ave (Route 9), Brattleboro

When: May-Oct, Saturday – 9 AM-2 PM

Why Visit:

Brattleboro Farmers Market is a premier farmers market in Southern Vermont. Each week, it features over 50 vendors who offer agricultural products, crafts, and prepared foods from all around the world.

Make sure to check the market’s schedule, as there is always something exciting happening at the location.

For example, the management team organizes the kids’ day on some Saturdays – a special day when all youth can come to the market, set up a table, and sell their homemade, handcrafted, or homegrown items.

There is also a market that takes place during the winter season from 10 AM until 2 PM in the C.F. Church Building.

During the colder time of the year, you’ll still be able to enjoy a wide range of produce (squash, beets, carrots, apples, etc.), as well as locally raised meats, honey, sweet cider, and fresh carrot juice.

7. West River Farmers Market – Londonderry

Where: Vermont Rte 100, Londonderry

When: May-Oct, Saturday – 9 AM-1 PM

Why Visit:

This Saturday farmers market in Vermont is nestled on the banks of the beautiful West River in Londonderry.

It hosts over 40 full-time vendors each week who sell everything from eggs and vegetables to jewelry and ceramics.

At least a dozen off-rotating vendors offer their products at the market every other week. So, if you’re interested in someone in particular, make sure to check the vendor’s list for the week beforehand.

Of course, you won’t be left without a pleasant musical accompaniment while exploring the market (there is someone performing each week).

8. Winooski Farmers Market – Winooski

Winooski Farmers Market
Winooski Farmers Market

Where: 20 Winooski Falls Way, Winooski

When: May-Oct, Sunday – 10 AM-2 PM

Why Visit:

This is one of the best Vermont farm markets created especially for those who like to wake up a little later on a Sunday.

Imagine coming to a farmers market at 10 AM and still having a ton of fresh produce to choose from – that’s what Winooski Farmers Market is all about.

The market is set right in front of the Champlain Mill, along the banks of the Winooski River. Furthermore, it’s located in the heart of downtown, so you’ll not only get to enjoy a gorgeous view but also find out what the center of the city has to offer during the weekend.

After shopping for Vermont’s finest local produce and farm goods, you might choose to have a cocktail in one of the nearby bars or continue your shopping spree and pay a visit to a vintage boutique.

9. Woodstock Farmers Market – Woodstock

Where: 979 W Woodstock Rd, Woodstock

When: Year-round, Tuesday-Sunday – 9 AM-6 PM

Why Visit:

There aren’t many daily farmers’ markets in Vermont. And though Woodstock Farmers Market is not open throughout the week (Monday is their day off), and it’s not exactly a ‘classical’ farmers market, it is definitely a great destination for anyone looking for fresh farm produce and unique food items.

The market is actually a store that includes plenty of different departments. Here, you’ll find the freshest local produce available, the largest selection of Vermont cheeses in the area, the best hand-cut meats and all-natural poultry in the Upper Valley, and much more.

The store also features an award-winning kitchen that creates everything they sell from scratch. Their sandwiches, deli salads, and prepared foods are truly delicious, by the way.

So, if you need something to eat on the go or a quick meal that you can keep in your freezer, this is the department you’re looking for.

10. Rutland Farmers Market – Rutland

Rutland Farmers Market
Rutland Farmers Market

Where: 15 Evelyn St, Rutland

When: May-Oct, Saturday – 9 AM-2 PM

Why Visit:

Rutland is one of the few cities in Vermont with a farmers market running each week of the year, but be careful not to mix up the locations.

Downtown Rutland Summer Market, for example, takes place at Depot Park in the heart of downtown Rutland.

It is a massive outdoor market that features farmers, bakers, canners, potters, distillers, jewelers, live music, and a lot more. There are so many vendors that some visitors are convinced this is the state’s largest market.

The same market takes place from June to October on Wednesday afternoons (1 PM–5 PM), but there is typically a smaller selection of vendors.

Finally, the market runs inside the Franklin Conference Center from November through April. During the colder season, the stands get set up every Saturday from 10 AM until 2 PM.

11. Waitsfield Farmers Market – Waitsfield

Where: Mad River Green, Waitsfield

When: May-Oct, Saturday – 9 AM-1 PM

Why Visit:

Waitsfield is one of the Saturday Vermont farmers markets. Since 1993, the market has been a meeting place for those who appreciate local farmers and artisans.

You’ll be glad to find out that all the vendors presented at the market are a carefully curated group of Vermont businesses that provide products of the highest possible quality.

Here, you will find an array of local produce, honey, flowers, seedlings, plant starts, cheeses, fish, baked goods, liquors, and prepared foods. By the way, quite a few vendors take online pre-orders if you prefer such a way of shopping.

12. Newport Farmers Market – Newport

Where: 246 Causeway, Newport

When: May-Oct, Saturday – 9 AM-2 PM

Why Visit:

Newport Farmers Market has been providing residents and visitors with the freshest locally grown produce, agricultural products, and baked goods for over 50 years.

This is a producer-only market. So, the vendor that you’ll see behind the stand is the one who has grown or made the product that you now have a chance to buy.

The market is usually joined by several non-profits, which allow the locals to learn more about their sources as a community in Newport.

If you like picking up fresh fruits and veggies during the week, you might want to visit the Newport market on a Wednesday. 

Even though it’s a smaller version of the Saturday market, you’ll still be able to find a relatively large selection of items (June-October, Wednesday – 9 AM-2 PM). 

13. Putney Farmers Market – Putney

Where: 7 Carol Brown Way, Putney, VT

When: May-Oct, Sunday – 11 AM-3 PM

Why Visit:

The market in Putney is one of the smaller Vermont farmers markets, but it does feature plenty of lovely produce. The market is filled with fruits and veggies, meats, and handmade specialty food, and it has a charming lunch café.

The market also features an array of artisan crafts and handmade goods – perfect for those looking for a gift or souvenir.

Another Putney Farmers Market takes place throughout November and December on Sundays from 11 AM until 2 PM in the Green Mountain Orchards. It features only a little over 30 vendors, but the atmosphere is just as great as during summertime (there is even live music).

14. Shelburne Farmers Market – Shelburne

Where: 12 Church St, Shelburne

When: May-Oct, Saturday – 9 AM-1 PM

Why Visit:

This farmers market in Vermont was started by the Shelbourne Business and Professional Association in 2006 with an aim to bring fresh local produce to the town and the surrounding communities.

Here, you’ll get to shop for plenty of veggies, fruits, meats, herbs, honey, and maple syrup.

If, for some reason, you’d prefer not to pay a visit to the market, you can always book a curbside pickup or get the items delivered (or even shipped) to you.

Not all vendors offer such services, so make sure to double-check if your favorite farmer or artisan can arrange a delivery for you.

15. Ludlow Farmers Market – Ludlow

Where: 53 Main St, Ludlow

When: May-Oct, Friday – 4 PM-7 PM

Why Visit:

If you prefer to do your shopping for the week on Friday evenings, then Ludlow Farmers Market is the perfect place for you.

The vendors finish setting up only around 4 PM, which is a convenient option for anyone who needs to get fresh fruits and vegetables or something to cook dinner with after work.

The market takes place on the front lawn of Okemo Mountain School.

Though Ludlow is more known as a winter destination (it’s home to Okemo Mountain Resort – a winter wonderland with world-class amenities), you will still find quite a few things to do while you’re here.

After you visit the farmers market, you can spend a few hours simply exploring the village, for example (a part of it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, by the way).

16. Middlebury Farmers Market – Middlebury

Where: 530 Exchange St, Middlebury

When: May-Oct, Saturday – 9 AM-12:30 PM

Why Visit:

This is one of Vermont farmers markets that takes place year-round. All the vendors simply relocate from the parking lot inside the building during the colder months while the schedule remains the same.

During peak season, the market features around 50 vendors who offer fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, meat, dairy items, and more. You will also get a chance to explore the unique items presented by local craftsmen – and all that while listening to some great local musicians.

While you’re in town, you might also want to visit the Green Mountain National Forest (where you’ll find access to Vermont’s Long Trail) or simply take in the beauty of the brick and stone buildings surrounded by cascading falls of Otter Creek.

By the way, Middlebury is the place where Robert Frost lived, and writers still gather here at the Bread Loaf Inn every summer for the oldest and most prestigious writers’ conference in the country.

17. St. Johnsbury Farmers Market – St. Johnsbury

Where: 260 Pearl St, St Johnsbury

When: May-Oct, Saturday – 9 AM-1 PM

Why Visit:

The winter market is held on the first and third Saturdays of each month from November through April in the Welcome Center (Saturday – 10 AM-1 PM).

Though even the summer market is relatively small and features only a few dozen vendors, you’ll have a lot of fun while exploring what the friendly vendors offer.

Apart from seasonal fruits and veggies, you’ll enjoy Jamaican food, kettle corn, certified biodynamic kimchi, Filipino noodles, and Korean cuisine.

The items the local artisans offer deserve to be mentioned as well. If you have been looking for handmade belt buckles, for example, then the farmers market is where you need to be this Saturday.

18. Walloomsac Farmers’ Market – Bennington

Where: 100 Memorial Drive, Bennington (Summer Location) | 650 Main St, Bennington (Winter Location)

When: May-Oct, Saturday – 10 AM-1 PM (Summer Timings) | Nov-Apr, Saturday – 10 AM-1 PM (Winter Timings)

Why Visit:

The producer-only market was founded in 2002. In 2014, the name was changed from Walloomsac Farmers’ Market to the Bennington Farmers’ Market, by some locals still like to call it Walloomsac.

It is a year-round market that changes location as the temperatures drop. From November through April, you’ll be able to find fresh local produce at 650 Main Street twice a month.

During high season, musicians perform at the market every Saturday, and you might even be able to join a yoga class or talk to local authors at a book signing event.

By the way, the market has a convenient pre-order website that allows you to shop directly from your favorite vendors. Just make sure to get your orders in before midnight on the Thursday before the market.

FAQs about Vermont Farmers Markets

What are the biggest farmers markets in Vermont?

Rutland Farmers Market and Burlington Farmers Market are the largest Vermont farm markets.

What are the good Vermont Farmers Market Saturdays?

Burlington Farmers Market is a great Saturday farmers market in Vermont. Depending on your location, you might also want to check out Capital City Farmers Market and Rutland Farmers Market.

What are the good Vermont Farmers Market Sundays?

Stowe Farmers Market is a famous Sunday farmers market in Vermont. But if your top priority is a large selection of products, you should visit Woodstock Farmers Market.

What is the longest-running farmers market in Vermont?

Newport Farmers Market, Capital City Farmers Market, and Burlington Farmers Market are among the longest-running markets in Vermont.

Wrapping up: Best Farmers Markets in Vermont

Spending the morning or afternoon at one of Vermont farmers markets is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy the day.

You’ll get to stroll through the market while snacking on a freshly baked pastry, taste the sharp freshness of cheeses or the sweetness of maple syrup (both of which Vermont is traditionally known for, by the way), savor the crispy apples, and, of course, fill your basket with fresh produce to create delicious meals.

Just make sure to come early, as the best items usually go quickly. And don’t miss the opportunity to ask the people who grew your food for some cooking tips and recipe ideas.

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