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9 Best Farmers Markets in Cleveland, Ohio To Visit This Year

9 Best Farmers Markets in Cleveland, Ohio To Visit This Year

Did you know that Ohio is the top farming state? One in seven people are employed by the farming industry in some way, and around half the state’s available land is used for farming. Ohio produce is shipped all over the US and sometimes beyond.

While Cleveland doesn’t quite have the same farming industry as the rest of the state, mostly because it is a larger city, you can still feel that the city has been shaped by the development of agriculture within the state. No more so than if you visit one of the many Cleveland farmers markets.

If you are looking for farmers markets in Cleveland, you’ll have plenty of places to choose. We believe some of the best farmers’ markets in the US can be found in this fantastic city. We can’t wait to share 10 of our favorites with you.

Our Favorite Cleveland Farmers Markets

Multi-Day Markets

1. Willie’s Farm Market

Where: 7136 Pearl Rd, Middleburg Heights, Ohio

When: Daily, 10 am to 7 pm (June to October)

Why Visit:

Willie’s Farm Market is a bit different from some of the other Cleveland farmers’ markets you’ll find on this list. This is because this particular farmers’ market is dedicated purely to what is produced at Willie’s. Throughout the year, you’ll find a whole host of seasonal produce on offer, almost all of it plucked from the ground (or produced) at the farm. 

One of our favorite times to attend the market is at Halloween. At this time, the markets are just a few days from closing for a few months, and not only is the food incredibly cheap (and still fresh), but it boasts some of the best pumpkins in Ohio!

Famous For: Being a family-owned farmers’ market. It is especially popular on Halloween when pumpkins are sold.

2. Coit Road Farmers Market

Coit Road Farmers Market
Coit Road Farmers Market | Flickr/Edsel Little

Where: 15000 Woodworth Road, East Cleveland, OH 44110

When: Every Saturday, 8 am to 1 pm. From June to October, open on Wednesdays from 8 am to 1 pm.

Why Visit:

The Coit Road Farmers Market has been running in some way since 1932, which makes it one of the oldest farmers’ markets in Cleveland.  This covered market runs every Saturday, rain or shine. It also makes an appearance on Wednesdays during the summer months.

Coit Road Farmers Market places a huge focus on local, small businesses. So, step into the farmers’ market, and you’ll find locally grown produce from urban farms, handmade knitted clothing, locally sourced honey, freshly baked foods, and more. The vendor list doesn’t change much at Coit Road Farmers’ Market, with almost every company here having its own stall. So you always know what to expect.

Famous For: The market is covered, providing some protection if the weather gets too intense in Cleveland. Boasts vendors such as Inner City Bakery.  One of the top vendors is Gloria’s Garden, which sources products directly from her own urban garden, offering some of the freshest produce.

3. Gateway 105 Farmers’ Market

Gateway 105 Farmers' Market
Gateway 105 Farmers’ Market

Where: 1322 E 105th St, Cleveland, OH 44106

When: Fridays 3-7 pm, Saturdays 1-4 pm

Why Visit:

Gateway 105 Farmers’ Market is one of the few covered Cleveland farmers markets, so wandering around the vendors here will provide a nice break from when the Cleveland weather takes a nasty turn. The market has a rotating selection of vendors, but you can expect a lot of fresh produce. In fact, if something is in-season in Ohio, you’ll probably find it at Gateway 105. We’ve picked up some of the most beautiful tasting fruit from here. Visitors to the market can enjoy free on-site parking, as well as cooking classes.

Famous For: During the summer, you’ll often find a moonlight market that happens later in the evening (check the times on the Gateway 105 Farmers’ Market website). You’ll also find cooking classes at every market, including some children’s activities.

Tuesday Markets

4. Tremont Farmers’ Market

Tremont Farmers' Market
Tremont Farmers’ Market | Flickr/Edsel Little

Where: Lincoln Park, Cleveland, OH 44113

When: Tuesdays, 4 pm to 7 pm. May to October Only.

Why Visit:

Tremont Farmers’ Market is a farmers’ market in Cleveland that takes the local community seriously. This is one of the city’s only farmers’ markets with special hours where particularly vulnerable people can browse the goods unhindered. This is from 3:30 pm on Tuesday (30 minutes before opening).  The vendors at the market rotate, but you’ll often find honey, locally-grown produce, dairy, and meats on offer.

This isn’t a large market by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a vital source of affordable, quality food for the local community. Since this is a Tuesday market, it does happen a bit later in the day, so you don’t need to wake up astonishingly early to get your produce. In fact, with all the vendors, you can book your food in advance. So, you just need to collect it.

Famous For: Most markets will have live entertainment. There is always a selection of fantastic food trucks, including The Home Pantry and You Enjoy My Donuts. Vendors are varied, with this market often being one of the best places to source fresh meat on a Tuesday.

Thursday Markets

5. Euclid Farmers Market

Where: 711 South Belvoir Blvd, South Euclid, Ohio, 44121

When: Thursdays, 4 pm to 7 pm (June to September)

Why Visit:

A few markets are happening in Euclid, so it is worth paying attention to what is happening when you travel here. We have opted to talk about the Euclid Farmers’ Market, mainly because it is one of the only Cleveland Farm Markets happening on a Thursday. Do bear in mind that this isn’t just a farmers’ market. It is a market for the people of Euclid.

So, while you’ll find farm produce at the heart of the market, you can also enjoy plenty of handmade goods, advocacy groups, charities, and more. The vendors are always varied here, and we love some of the sweet treats that we have picked up. While it isn’t the largest farmers’ market in the world, in fact it may just well be the smallest on this list, we can’t help but feel it is worth having a look. The food here is affordable.

Famous For: Plenty of locally grown produce on sale, much of which has been raised on urban farms within Euclid. This is a market with a very ‘community feel’ to it.

Saturday Markets

6. North Union Farmers Market at Shaker Square

North Union Farmers Market
North Union Farmers Market | Lauren Clifford Photography

Where: 3111 Shaker Square #301, Cleveland, OH 44120

When: Saturdays, 8 am to Midday, April to December.

Why Visit:

There aren’t that many Cleveland farmers markets that can claim to have won awards for the fantastic experience they offer. In fact, North Union Farmers Market, a top Saturday farmers market in Cleveland, is pretty much the only one that can claim this accolade. This is a certified producers-only farmers’ market, with plenty of Ohio farmers and producers showcasing their seasonal produce at the market. You can pick up fantastic fruits, vegetables, meat, and cheeses. There seem to be different vendors each week, so you never quite know what to expect.

Famous For: Free parking for attendees to the market. The market is one of the largest and oldest non-profit farmers’ markets in Ohio, and the market gives back to the local farmers in Cleveland and the surrounding area.

7. Frostville Farmers Market

Where: 24101 Cedar Point Road, North Olmsted, 44070

When: Saturdays, May to October, 9 am to 1 pm (Outdoors); Saturdays, November to April, 10 am to 1 pm (Indoors)

Why Visit:

This is one of the top farmers markets near Cleveland, and one of the main reasons to visit isn’t the food on offer (although it is amazing); it is the fact that it is located right at Frostville Museum, which is a living museum that showcases life in 19th Century Ohio. We always love the grounds that the farmers’ market is set on and try to visit as much as possible.

The market changes throughout the year. In the warmer months, you can find the market outside, and when the cold rolls in, the market is moved to an on-site barn. While this is a very community-focused market, it attracts many tourists. This means the market is often jam-packed with music, children’s activities, games, cooking classes, and more. Vendors do vary from market to market, but you can always enjoy fresh, locally-grown produce.

Famous For: It is set on the grounds of a museum. The market offers fantastic cooked food from Frostville Kitchen, plus many local vendors. You’ll also find plenty of activities to enjoy throughout the day. There is no farmers’ market in a better setting.

Sunday Markets

8. Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market

Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market
Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market

Where: 16906 Albers Avenue

When: Sundays, 10 am to 1 pm, June to October Only

Why Visit:

Running for a huge 17 seasons, Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market is one of the leading community-focused farmers markets in Cleveland. While the market certainly isn’t the largest that you’ll encounter in Cleveland, we love how it really tries to be part of the community…and succeeds. Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market has a rotating selection of vendors, plus a few staples.

Here, you’ll be able to pick up all sorts of fresh produce, bakery items, meats, and artisanal products quite often from vendors based in the local area. You’ll also notice that the market focuses on sustainability, so you’ll rarely find hefty product packaging here and no food laden with chemicals. Buy from this market, and you’ll enjoy the purest food imaginable. Come and see why so many locals enjoy it!

Famous For: This is a local market with a rotating vendor list of around 30 different companies. Each week, you can expect to sample cookies from the likes of Fortune’s Cookies, fruits from Jose Quiroz Farm, and tomatoes from The Tomato Guys. If you bring your children along, they can even enjoy children’s activities.

9. Chagrin Falls Farmers Market

Where: Bandstand Triangle Park, Chagrin Falls

When: 9 am to 12 pm on Sundays, June to October

Why Visit:

If you’ve never been to the village of Chagrin Falls, the area is worth a visit itself. It is absolutely stunning. However, make sure you head here on a Sunday, as wandering around the Chagrin Falls Farmers Market is a true delight. In fact, this may well be the best Sunday farmers market in Cleveland. 

Scores of affordable produce will be on sale here, and, in our experience, the market is able to attract the best farmers in this part of Ohio. So, you’ll often end up with cheap, organic produce packed full of flavor. On top of the seasonal produce, you can enjoy baked items, meats, dairy, and more. You may even encounter the odd food truck.

Famous For: The market has a rotating number of vendors. The market is renowned for being located in the beautiful Chagrin Falls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest farmers market in Cleveland?

Unlike other cities, Cleveland doesn’t really have any huge markets. Most of the markets have a very community feel to them. However, the market at Frostville does seem to be one of the bigger ones.

What are the good Cleveland Farmers Market Saturdays?

Frostville Farmers’ Market is the best Saturday market. It is set in a beautiful location and offers plenty of vendors and entertainment. 

What are the good Cleveland Farmers Market Sundays?

If you’re looking for a Sunday farmers’ market, we suggest you make a beeline for Chagrin Falls.

What is the longest-running farmers market in Cleveland?

Founded in 1932, Colt Road Farmers’ Market is one of the oldest markets in Ohio.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see – when it comes to Cleveland farmers markets, you have plenty of options. We are just scratching the surface when it comes to farmers’ markets in the city too. If you are in the area, why not keep an eye on the local calendar? You may end up unearthing an even better farmers’ market than the ones we have listed here! Either way, if you head to a farmers’ market in the city, you’ll be supporting local businesses and enjoying fantastic food.

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