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11 Best Farmers Markets in Raleigh For Fresh Local Produce

11 Best Farmers Markets in Raleigh For Fresh Local Produce

While Raleigh is hardly the first city to come to mind when you think of ‘agriculture’, the city has a surprising number of farmers’ markets. Sure, there aren’t as many Raleigh farmers markets as you would find farmers markets in another city, but there is somewhere to visit every single day of the week. Plus, the city has one of the largest farmers markets in the country.

On this page, we’ll dive into 11 of the best farmers markets in Raleigh. Each of these places is fantastic (and we have spent some time visiting them), but each brings something different to the table. Read through this list to decide where the best place to visit for you would be.

Our Favorite Raleigh Farmers Markets

Mult-Day Markets

1. North Carolina State Farmers Market

North Carolina State Farmers Market
North Carolina State Farmers Market | Deposit Photos/Jimmytws

Where: 1201 Agriculture St, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

When: Monday to Saturday, 5 am to 7 pm. Sundays, 8 am to 5 pm

Why visit:

When it comes to Raleigh farmers markets, you won’t find anything bigger than the North Carolina State Farmers Market. Boasting over 30,000 square feet of space, the North Carolina State Farmers Market has brought together produce growers and retailers from all over the country.

If you can imagine buying something from a farmers market, you’ll probably find it here. In addition to this, this is one of the only Raleigh farm markets that caters to wholesale buyers.

While it is open to the public, the depth of the selection at this farmers market will have restaurants, hotels, and more picking up their produce from the very early morning (using the truckers terminal), which should give you an idea of just what is on offer in this amazing location.

Famous for:

For catering to wholesale buyers, lots of space is available. Farm products from all over the country (including cheeses and fresh fruit & vegetables), plus a limited selection of imported products.

2. Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market 

Where: 201 S Estes Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

When: Tuesdays, 3 pm to 5 pm, Saturdays, 9 am to 12 pm

Why Visit:

Chapel Hill Farmers Market takes great pride in its vendors selling wares.  This is one of the Farmers’ markets near Raleigh with strict requirements on who can sell there. Well, at least in terms of distance.

Every single vendor that sells at this market has grown or manufactured their produce within a 60-mile radius. So, you won’t find anywhere with fresher produce. While it certainly isn’t the largest market in Raleigh, you will find all your essentials here. This includes coffee, ales, mushrooms, fresh fruit & vegetables, and much more.

Famous for:

The market places a huge focus on local vendors. Top vendors include Carrboro Coffee Roasters, Fickle Creek Farm, and Haw River Farmhouse Ales. Most vendors allow preorders, ensuring you get what you need from the market.

3. LL Urban Farms

LL Urban Farms
LL Urban Farms

Where: 8225 Holly Springs Rd, Raleigh, NC 27606

When: Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm

Why visit:

The LL Urban Farms farmers’ market may differ slightly from others on this page. This is because it is a single-vendor farmers’ market run by the team at LL Urban Farms. Originally, LL Urban Farms was a farm dedicated to growing lettuce and other produce in a sustainable way.

However, the demand for an almost daily farmers’ market in the city went through the roof, so LL Urban Farms decided to source fresh, local produce from other vendors. They then sell them at their store. Head to LL Urban Farms, where you can pick up the produce they are famed for, plus seafood, honey, and more. The LL Urban Farms crew is always working hard to ensure they have a decent selection of products for those looking for quality ingredients.

Famous for:

LL Urban Farms is famed for its small scale. They are the best place to pick up sustainably grown lettuce. The farm shop is open most of the week (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays). You’ll be benefiting the growers when you buy your produce here.

Saturday Markets

4. Cary Downtown Farmers Market

Cary Downtown Farmers Market
Cary Downtown Farmers Market

Where: 200 E. Chatham St, Cary, NC 27511

When:  Saturdays, 9 am to 12 pm (hours change throughout the year)

Why visit:

Cary Downtown Farmers Market may look like a tiny market, but is anything but. It offers dozens of different vendors. While the main focus of the Cary Downtown Farmers Market is on locally-grown produce, the market has expanded into showcasing the wares of craftsmen from Raleigh and beyond.

This means that when you step into the Cary Downtown Farmers Market, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of products on display. You’ll find everything from fresh fruit & veg, meat, honey, jewelry, woodwork, and more at the market. It is open every single Saturday, and we find that some of the greatest vendors in Raleigh showcase their wares here.

Famous for:

It is famous for Bear Branch Farm, a regular vendor that switches between selling produce and woodworking products, depending on the season. The market plays host to gitt vendors, produce vendors, and more. A great place to pick up grass-fed meat products, baked goods, and seasonings.

5. Apex Farmers Market

Apex Farmers Market
Apex Farmers Market

Where: 1479 Beaver Creek Commons Dr, Apex, NC 27502

When: In Winters, First and Third Saturdays of the Month, 9 am to 12 pm. The rest of the year, every Saturday.

Why visit:

This Saturday farmers market in Raleigh prides itself on selecting local produce. Everything you find for sale at this market will have been produced within 150 miles of the market. This isn’t a larger farmers’ market, but it provides a vital resource for those looking for healthy eating options throughout Apex and the surrounding area.

As a not-for-profit farmers’ market, the market has been designed to introduce healthy eating options into communities that sorely lack other options. The vendors at the Apex Farmers’ Market change regularly, but you can expect access to fresh produce, condiments, jams, eggs, meat, and more. There are also some great dessert and coffee options within the market.

Famous for:

Desserts by Shirley has a fantastic selection of freshly baked sweet treats. People also come to the market for Oberweis Dairy, one of the only traditional milkmen in the area. Regular community market.

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6. Holly Springs Farmers Market

Where: 300 W Ballentine St, Holly Springs, NC 27540

When: Saturdays, 9 am to 12 pm (Nov/Dec), 8 am to 12 pm (May to October)

Why visit:

The Holly Springs Farmers’ Market is a key cultural event every Saturday in Holly Springs. This government-run farmers’ market exists to help local producers in the area and ensure that the residents of this area can access healthy, affordable food.

The market places a major focus on food products, although there are some other options beyond this. You can access fresh poultry, seafood, fruits, and vegetables at Holly Springs Farmers’ Market. You’ll also find plenty of artisanal products. The Maple Syrup you can buy here is even better than most other places throughout Raleigh.

Famous for:

Bombshell Beer Company offers traditionally brewed beers, fantastic maple syrup, fresh meats, honey wine from Honeygirl Meadery, and great salsa from Mama’s Salsa.

7. Midtown Farmers Market

Where: 4160 Main at North Hills St. Raleigh, NC 27609

When: Saturdays, 8 am to 12 pm (April to November only)

Why visit:

Like many of the Raleigh farmers’ markets, Midtown Farmers’ Market takes great pride in the vendors here. Not only do they insist that everything sold here is produced within 100 miles, but they do not allow resellers.

This means when you head to the market, you will interact with the same people who produced your food item or other product. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like! The market is aimed at the local community, but every so often, there’ll be ‘major’ events that you can watch or sometimes take part in, e.g., Iron Chef events, which happen there every so often.

You’ll also find live music, cooking demonstrations, and more. Current vendors cover everything from health & beauty products, candles, clothing, and just about all the fresh food produce you can imagine. You’ll easily spend hours wandering around the market.

Famous for:

This isn’t just a farmers’ market but an event. Every Saturday, there will be a full program of live music, children’s events, and other limited-time events to take part in.

8. Wake Forest Farmers Market

Wake Forest Farmers Market
Wake Forest Farmers Market

Where: 235 S Taylor St, Wake Forest, NC 27587

When: Saturdays, 8 am to 12 pm (10 am to 12 pm October to March)

Why visit:

This small, community-friendly market may only run for a few hours every Saturday, but you’ll often find many people wandering around snapping up the healthy produce on offer. The Wake Forest Farmers’ Market often features produce from smaller farmers and artisans in the local area. For example, Half-a-Barn Farm, a micro-farm, has some of the freshest produce available. It isn’t a farmers market that you can spend all day at, but you certainly will be able to pick up some fresh produce if you’re in the local area.

Famous for:

It is famous for being a smaller community market. There aren’t a lot of vendors here, but you can get fresh produce and some fantastic artisanal products. Highlights include Half-a-Barn Farm and dips from Carthage Fresh.

9. Western Wake Farmers Market

Where: 280 Town Hall Dr, Morrisville, NC 27560

When: Saturdays, April to November – 8 am to 12 pm

Why visit:

Since 2009, the Western Wake Farmers’ Market has been at the heart of the local community. While it is still a community event for the locals, it has gone through a bit of expansion over the years. Now, if you head to the market, you can expect to enjoy live music every single Saturday, various events tied to the market (e.g., cat adoption events), and more.

This has meant that the vendor list has expanded too. There is a lot of focus on the local-run farms here, with particular highlights including fresh produce from Fickle Creek Farm and eggs & meats from the Coleman Girls’ Farm. On top of this, you have baked foods, honey, condiments, and more. You’ll need to turn up early, though. This is a market that gets insanely busy, particularly when the warmer weather rolls in.

Famous for:

Maple syrup from Community-Based Enterprises, fresh vegetables from Fickle Creek Farm, and hand-raised meat and animal products from Coleman Girls’ Farm. Regular events, including live music, every Saturday. 

10. Downtown Rolesville Farmers Market

Where: 302 S Main St, Rolesville, NC 27571

When: Saturdays, 9 am to 1 pm, March to October

Why visit:

Downtown Rolesville Farmers Market features a revolving selection of vendors, so you never know what to expect each week. The changing vendors mean you can always sample delicious new products. Rest assured, Rolesville Farmers’ Market is still a farmers’ market, so you will always get fresh, in-season fruit & vegetables and lots of artisanal products. There will also be some food trucks and sometimes a dash of live music.

Famous for:

A revolving selection of vendors. Live music most Saturdays. Mushrooms from Shrooms 2 Go are delicious. 

Sunday Markets

11. Moore Square Market

Where: Moore Square, 200 S. Blount Street

When: Sundays, 11 pm to 3 pm. May to October.

Why visit:

The Moore Square Market is a Sunday farmers’ market in Raleigh. In fact, it is the only dedicated Sunday farmers’ market, with the other one-off markets happening on different days of the week. So, if you’re in the mood for farm-fresh produce at the tail end of the week, then Moore Square Market will be your safest bet. The market has a variety of different vendors, mostly focusing on fresh produce for the local community. You’ll also find various theme markets throughout the year and children’s events throughout the day.

Famous for:

Live entertainment most weeks, children’s entertainment, and various special guests. Also, lots of produce from local vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest farmers market in Raleigh?

The biggest farmers’ market in Raleigh is the North Carolina State Farmers Market. It is also the only farmers’ market open every single day of the week.

What are the good Raleigh Farmers Market Saturdays?

The Apex Farmers’ Market is one of our favorite places to head on Saturdays in Raleigh. However, if you want a larger selection of produce, then it may be worth heading to the North Carolina State Farmers Market.

What are the good Raleigh Farmers Market Sundays?

On Sundays, one of your only options is the Moore Square Market. However, you can also head to the North Carolina State Farmers’ Market, which is open every single day of the week. 

What is the longest-running farmers market in Raleigh?

Founded in 2008, the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market is one of the longest-running farmers’ markets in Raleigh. 

Rounding Up

When it comes to Raleigh farmers markets, you will be spoiled for choice. Whether you head to the largest Raleigh farmers market at the North Carolina State Farmers Market or head to a smaller market like Moore Square Market, you’ll have a fantastic selection of fresh produce at your fingertips. Why not explore the city and enjoy all those amazing farmers’ markets? Trust us, some of the stuff you can pick up from these places will be significantly cheaper than heading to the local store. It’ll taste better too!

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