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18 Best Farmers Markets in New Orleans (And Nearby Areas)

18 Best Farmers Markets in New Orleans (And Nearby Areas)

If you’re like us, you’ll love yourself a good farmers market. We love the excitement of getting our hands on some of the freshest ingredients possible, plucked straight from farms throughout Louisiana. You won’t find better produce than those at a farmers market, and the prices are much more affordable than your average major grocery store. Not to mention you’ll be helping local businesses.

You’ll be pleased to know that there are a plethora of farmers markets in New Orleans. Dozens and dozens are happening throughout the city (and the surrounding area) every single week. We’ve gone through all of them and selected 18 of the best New Orleans farmers markets.

To make planning your trip around the bountiful farmers markets in New Orleans easier, we’ve broken this list down into ‘days’. So, if you want to find a market happening on Thursday, you can just zip right down to the Thursday section and have a market to choose from!

Do note that not all these markets operate year-round. Some seemingly stop without much warning (generally the smaller ones), but we’ve tried to source the most accurate information for you!

Our Favorite New Orleans Area Farmers Markets

Daily Markets

1. French Market

French Market
Dreamstime/Tony Bosse

Where: 2-48 French Market Pl, New Orleans, LA 70116

When: Every day from 10 am to 6 pm

Why visit:

Our favorite farmers market in New Orleans operates every single day. However, if you’re expecting to turn up at French Market and expect to see scores and scores of farmer’s stalls, you might be surprised. The farmers market part of the French Market is just a small portion of what is going on here.

French Market does attract a lot of different farmers to sell their fresh produce, as well as a few homemade goods produced on their farms. There is a good rotation of vendors, too, since most farmers can’t sell here every single day. It is the only place in the city where you can enjoy a farmer’s market every single day. Expect mostly fresh crops, hand-baked goods, fresh eggs, and more.

French Market is more of a shopping district. It is a great destination not only for those who want to pick up fresh produce from suppliers but also to explore flea market stalls, enjoy great dining options (including some freshly made treats from local artisans), and just shop. We wouldn’t suggest you head to French Market purely for the fresh fruit and veg. Go for the overall experience of this beautiful shopping district.

Multi-Day Markets

2. German Coast Farmers Market

Where: St Charles Parish East Regional Library (Saturdays), St Charles Parish West Bank Bridge Park (Wednesdays)

When: 8 am to 12 pm (Saturdays), 1 pm to 5 pm (Wednesdays)

Why visit:

Oh my. It is tough to know exactly where to begin with this one of the New Orleans farmers markets. The German Coast Farmers Market offers a wealth of products including:

  • Lots of fruits and vegetables (all in-season products)
  • Chicken & duck eggs
  • Pickled items
  • Honey
  • Crawfish
  • Meat
  • Lots of hot plates
  • Pies & cookies

Honestly, we are in awe at the sheer variety of vendors that the German Coast Farmers Market has been able to grab. If you’re looking for more than just ingredients, then this really is the place to be. The freshly cooked dishes here are divine, especially if you’re a huge fan of New Orleans seafood (we are).

The market is held on two different days, albeit in completely different locations. For the most part, the vendors stay the same. We actually love this market on Wednesdays. As you’ll be able to tell from the rest of this list, most of the other New Orleans farm markets have insanely early opening hours, and if you aren’t there early in the morning, you tend to miss out on the best products.

The Wednesday market starts at 1 pm and goes on through to 5 pm, so you can have a bit of a relax in the morning. No need to rush out the door. Get here in the afternoon, and all the best stuff will still be on sale.

3. Covington Farmers Market

Where: 609 North Columbia Street (Saturdays) or The Covington Trailhead (Wednesday)

When: Saturday (8 am to 12 pm) and Wednesday (10 am to 2 pm)

Why visit:

Covington Farmers Market is held on Saturdays and Wednesdays, each in a different location. If you’re looking for the ‘best’ day to head to the farmers market, we suggest heading there on Saturdays. It is much more active, and you’ll find many more vendors selling goods. Although, you’ll need to head there earlier if you want to stand a chance of grabbing something on sale.

There is a lot to see at Covington Farmers Market, including tons and tons of produce grown throughout New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana. This means in-season fruits and vegetables, eggs, honey, cheeses, and so much more. If you can name something produced by a New Orleans farmer, you’ll probably find it on sale here.

We, personally, love many of the pickled vegetables that are on sale from numerous vendors, as well as the delicious hand-cooked meals that seem to change almost every single week. Whenever we are in the area, we can’t help but make a beeline for Covington to sample some of those delectable delights.

This is also a great meeting spot with a lovely café; some days, you may even see a live music spot at the small bandstand.

4. Barcelo Gardens Fresh Market Space

Where: 3440 Piety St

When: Sunday to Thursday (10 am to 4 pm)

Why visit:

Barcelo Gardens is a farmers market that will get a few mentions throughout this page because they have a few operations. However, their farmer’s markets are known for being some of the smallest in New Orleans. One of the goals of Barcelo Gardens was to bring food security into areas traditionally passed up by other farmers’ markets. Most of Barcelo Garden’s markets tend to serve the Black communities of New Orleans.

Every week, from Sunday to Thursday, Barcelo Gardens operates a small shed on a community allotment. It is loaded with fresh produce grown by the local community, and purchasing here helps to benefit the surrounding area. This probably isn’t a place to head if you are looking for a massive farmers market. It is just a single building, but it always has some of the most delightfully tasting fresh produce we have ever tucked into.

And it feels great to know that our purchases are benefiting those in the community who have worked so hard to produce these ingredients.

Tuesday Markets

5. Crescent City Farmers Market – Uptown

Where: Uptown Square, 200 Broadway Street at the River

When: Tuesdays, 8 am to 12 pm

Why visit:

Crescent City Farmers Market is the largest collection of farmers markets in New Orleans, so you’ll find them featured three different times on this list, each on different days and in different locations. Many of the products sold can even be ordered from their website, but we imagine you’ll probably want to go and sample the fantastic food yourself!

The farmers market in Uptown boasts a wealth of amazing vendors. You can pick up great juices, bread, seafood, tamales, butter, mushrooms, pasta, coffee, and so much more. You’ll always find around 20 different vendors selling their goods, and the place tends to be packed with fabulous produce.

If you can, you may want to hop between each of the Crescent City Farmer Markets over the course of a week because each offers something slightly different.

Wednesday Markets

6. Lafreniere Park Farmers Arts Market

Where: 3000 Downs Blvd, Metairie

When: Wednesdays, 1 pm to 7 pm

Why visit:

Lafreniere Park offers a great fusion of cuisines. You have many French dishes (this is New Orleans, after all), some great Mexican dishes, and all the fresh produce you could want. If you love your Cajun-style food (who doesn’t?), you’ll think you’re in heaven when you get to this farmers market in New Orleans.

One of our favorite treats to pick up from here is the Cajun-style pork crackling. It’s to die for! Although, if you aren’t a meat-lover, you’ll also find plenty of Cajun-style vegetables. There is space for over 60 vendors here, and you’ll often find that all the slots are filled up. So you can enjoy tons of great food.

On top of everything we mentioned already, you can also enjoy freshly pressed juices, baked treats (cakes and breads), honey, eggs, and more. This isn’t just a farmer’s market, though. You can also enjoy homemade crafts from great New Orleans artists.

Thursday Markets

7. Crescent City Farmers Market – Mid-City

Where: Lafitte Greenway, 500 N. Norman C. Francis Parkway at the Bayou

When: Thursdays, 3 pm to 7 pm

Why visit:

The Thursday market from Crescent City runs a bit later than their other farmer’s markets, so it is an excellent choice if you want to head to a farmers market after work. In our experience, there’ll still be tons and tons of products for sale even later into the day.

While many of the same vendors that showcase at the Tuesday market make an appearance here, the Thursday market manages to attract even more sellers, with even more fruit, coffee, and seafood available. It is also a great place to head if you are in the mood for some great nutritionally dense, farm-raised meat. You’ll also find a wealth of dairy products.

One of our favorite additions to this market is the Latino Snacks sellers, who, as you can imagine, sell Latino favorites. Oh, and the donuts here are amazing too. Not many other farmers’ markets in New Orleans offer the sheer range of food that Crescent City does. Interestingly, you’ll even find a location to get your knife sharpened (Slicey McSlicer).

Friday Markets

8. Barcelo Gardens Farmer’s Market – Napoleonville

Where: 211 Franklin Ave

When: Fridays (11 am to 3 pm)

Why visit:

Once again, we have a small farmers market in New Orleans. As with the previous Barcelo Gardens farmers market, the stalls can be found in a place where you wouldn’t traditionally find them at a farmers market. The products on sale are all locally produced goods, often from community gardens in Napoleonville. You’ll find boxes and boxes of the freshest produce imaginable.

Obviously, the offerings will depend on the season, although you’ll find the likes of chilis, watermelons, peppers, the juiciest tomatoes, and so much more. While they aren’t always there, sometimes you’ll also find some great homemade skincare products.

Saturday Markets

9. Sankofa Fresh Stop Market

Where: Lower Ninth Ward area of New Orleans

When: Saturdays, 9:30 am to 12:30 am

Why visit:

Sankofa Fresh Stop Market has fast become a major food hub for the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, with hordes of people descending on the market every Saturday. As you can imagine, since the place attracts scores and scores of buyers, it also manages to attract many sellers.

Sankofa Fresh Stop Market is famed for the sheer variety of products they have on sale, all sourced from within Louisiana (most of it from within the area surrounding New Orleans). When they have them, you absolutely must try the oranges they have on sale. We don’t think we have ever tasted a juicier orange.

Produce varies throughout the year, but there is always a good selection of fruits, vegetables, honey, yard eggs, and copious amounts of seafood (including a lot of shrimp).

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10. Freret Market

Where: Intersection of Freret Street and Napoleon Avenue

When: October to February, First Saturday of every month; 11 am to 6 pm

Why visit:

Freret Market isn’t just a farmer’s market but a massive general market. Obviously, you have all that fresh produce, but you also have artists, fleas, and even pet adoptions. Every time this market runs, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of people milling around the over 70 different vendors.

It is tough to predict exactly what you can pick up at Freret Market, as the vendors change from month to month. However, we have sampled some of the best lemonade in New Orleans here and picked up some of the juiciest fruit. We’ve even fallen in love with some coffee beans from local producers. As with all the farmers markets in New Orleans, you can probably pick it up if something is in season.

If you have a few hours to spare on the first Saturday of every month, make a beeline for Freret Market. It starts after the other Saturday markets are winding down for the day, so you may even be able to fit in a couple of markets. One in the morning, then this one later on.

11. Gretna Farmer’s Market

Where: 3rd Street and 4th Street along Huey P. Long Avenue

When: Saturdays, 8:30 am to 12:30 am

Why Visit:

One of the true joys of visiting a farmers market (other than the fresh produce) is that a good farmers market always feels like you are interacting with the community. There is a hustle and bustle. People meeting. Discussing their favorite foods, chatting with the vendors, etc. The Gretna farmers market offers that.

Throughout the year, you’ll find fresh produce, prepared dishes, and all sorts of homemade goods on sale. Since the farmers market happens in a covered marketplace, it is never called off (except for holidays). So, while some of the other Saturday farmers markets may decide not to run if the weather is a bit heavy, you can rely on Gretna Farmer’s Market to still be a hotbed of activity.

If you head to this farmers market on the second Saturday of every month, not only will you get to enjoy all those delicious ingredients, but there is also an art walk showcasing work from some of the best artists in Louisiana. So, you’ll not only be able to pick up some great ingredients for that evening’s meal, but you can even pick up some artwork to show off in your home! 

12. Mandeville Farmers Market (Mandeville Trailhead Market)

Where: 675 Lafitte Street, Historic Old Mandeville

When: Saturdays, 9 am to 1 pm

Why Visit:

The Mandeville Trailhead Market isn’t just for farmers but all local producers. In fact, the Mandeville team is stringent on who can sell their wares here. If a good isn’t locally produced, it can’t be sold. The market owners will even regularly inspect the quality of products sold to ensure that only the best suppliers sell them.

There are over 75 different vendors here every Saturday, mostly artists and jewelers, but you’ll also find a ton of farmers selling their weekly produce hauls. You’ll find in-season fruits and vegetables, as well as locally-produced meats. If you’re thinking of starting your own growing operation in your yard (or land you have), you can even pick up some seeds, plants, and on occasion, some live poultry.

When you’re done browsing the farmers, we suggest you look at some beautiful handmade arts and crafts. The Mandeville Trailhead Market boasts one of the best selections we have seen, and we are always picking up something new from here.

13. St. Bernard Seafood & Farmers Market

Where: 409 Aycock Street, Arabi

When: Saturdays February to December (9 am to 1 pm)

Why Visit:

Arabi is just 4 miles from New Orleans, but when you enter this gorgeous town, you’ll think you are in a whole other world. The lifestyle is much quieter, and walking around the fantastic local shops is a real treat. Of course, you’re here for the farmers market.

The St. Bernard Seafood & Farmers Market does offer local produce, but the real highlight is the amazing, fresh seafood. Most of it is caught in the local area, so if you are looking for some great vegetables and other ingredients and want some cracking seafood to go with that, this is the farmers market you want to be at.

The only downside is that it isn’t held throughout the year, and some Saturdays are better than others. It really depends on the catch haul from the local anglers.

14. Camellia City Farmer’s Market

Where: 2055 2nd. St. Slidell City Hall Complex Parking Garage, Slidell

When: Saturdays, 8 am to 12 pm

Why Visit:

Camellia City Farmer’s Market is one of the newer New Orleans farmers markets, but it has become a firm favorite of ours, and we anticipate that it’ll be sticking around for a long while yet. Camellia City has your standard produce. So, you can go and pick up a ton of in-season fruits and vegetables. However, you also get to enjoy a tremendous selection of animal products, including some wonderful cheeses (you absolutely must try their cream cheeses!) and meats.

You’ll also find a lot of breads, cakes (including cheesecakes), and livestock for sale. During the summer months, you can even pick up a few flowers that you can plant in your garden. The best part is that since Camellia City is still a new farmer market, it has a lot of scope for growth, and every week it seems as if new vendors are turning up at their doors and showing their wares.

If you are looking for a great Saturday farmers market in New Orleans, then head on over to Camellia City and see what is on offer.

15. Barcelo Gardens Fresh Market

Where: 2301 Gallier St

When: Saturdays, 10 am to 1 pm

Why Visit:

This is a smaller Saturday farmers market in New Orleans, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth visiting. Barcelo Gardens Fresh Market plays a vital role in the community. It supports local community growers, plus a few smaller farms in the surrounding area. Barcelo Gardens Fresh Market is also well known for its support of local Black farmers, and it regularly advertises this.

There are often only a few vendors at Barcelo Gardens Fresh Market, but each and every one of the products sold here is made with love. Many of them are pulled straight from community gardens in the local area, which means the goods on sale here are fresher than what you can find at many of the other New Orleans Farm Markets.

On top of fresh produce, you often have other vendors selling some homemade products, e.g., soaps and candles. Again, made with love. When you support Barcelo Gardens Fresh Market, you’re supporting their role in the community. A lot goes on behind the scenes. They run events throughout the week (all throughout New Orleans), often focused on teaching people how to grow food themselves.

16. Vietnamese Farmers Market

Where: 14401 Alcee Fortier Dr, New Orleans, 701209

When: Saturday, 5.30 am to 9 am

Why Visit:

About 20 minutes drive from the French Quarter, you have Versailles. This stunning part of New Orleans is well-known for its thriving Vietnamese community. Because of this, this farmers market in New Orleans is a bit different from the other farmers markets we’ve talked about.

The Vietnamese Farmers Market in Versailles specializes in Vietnamese fruits/vegetables and other ingredients. You may also find a sprinkling of stunning homemade Vietnamese dishes. It boasts ingredients you’d struggle to find at other markets around the city. We love this place for the fresh lemongrass, pomelo grapefruits, and more.

If you’re in the mood to start up your own mini farm, you can even buy some live poultry (please don’t do that if you’re in New Orleans on vacation!). This is one of the farmer’s markets where you’ll need to turn up early. It isn’t a massive market, and if you aren’t here between 5.30 am and 8 am, you’ll miss out on almost all the good stuff.

Sunday Markets

17. Bounyful Green Market

Where: University of Holy Cross Campus, 4123 Woodland Drive, Algiers

When: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday from October to June. (10 am to 1 pm)

Why Visit:

Algiers has played host to several farmers markets over the years, but the Bounyful Green Market is the only one that has managed to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, you rarely find a Sunday farmers market in New Orleans; most seem to be happening on Saturdays.

You have your staple fresh produce being sold at the Bounyful Green Market, so whatever is currently in season in New Orleans, you’ll find it here. However, there is so much more to discover. One of our favorite things about the Bounyful Green Market is the little produce boxes that they sometimes prepare.

These produce boxes are hand-selected goods from some of the best farmers in New Orleans, plus a couple of extra special gifts. You’ll often need to pre-order these as they sell out incredibly fast!

18. Crescent City Farmers Market – City Park

Where: New Orleans City Park, Tad Gormley Stadium, Marconi Drive at Navarre Avenue.

When: Sundays, 8 am to 12 pm

Why Visit:

This is the largest of the Crescent City Farmers Markets. We won’t go over everything that you can get here. We’ve been through that twice already. However, you do get a couple of extra vendors if you head to City Park on a Sunday.

This includes many homemade crafts (from Things N Stuff) and tremendous hand-reared meat. You’ll even find some fantastic flowers to plant in your garden. Looking for some amazing fresh pasta? You’ll find that too! Whenever we head to City Park on a Sunday, our main highlight is the Cajun spices. No other farmers market does Cajun like Crescent City Farmers Market – City Park.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest farmers market in New Orleans?

The Crescent City Market in City Park is the largest farmers market in New Orleans. Other markets have more vendors, but Crescent City has the biggest selection of products.

What are the good New Orleans Farmers Market Saturdays?

Every first Saturday of the month, we suggest you head to the Mandeville Trailhead Market. The Gretna Farmer’s Market is also a good option if you can’t make that.

What are the good New Orleans Farmers Market Sundays?

Head to the Crescent City Farmers Market. It is held in City Park every Sunday between 8 am and 12 pm.

What is the longest-running farmers market in New Orleans?

The French Market is not only one of the oldest farmers markets in New Orleans but one of the oldest in the United States. People have been selling products here for centuries.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are a lot of New Orleans farmers markets. Every day of the week, there’ll be somewhere to go and pick up your locally grown produce. If you’re only in New Orleans for a short while, we suggest heading to one of the Crescent City Farmers Markets (which happens three times per week in different locations); they offer the largest selections of fresh produce and locally sourced products.

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